Siemens Scholarship for Indian Students

The Siemens Scholarship for Indian Students is the perfect opportunity for Indian students to pursue their dreams of a higher education. This scholarship offers a unique opportunity for students to receive financial support for their studies and to gain invaluable experience in their chosen field. The award is open to all Indian students who are currently enrolled in an undergraduate or postgraduate course in engineering, science, technology, or business. This scholarship provides funding for tuition fees, living expenses, and other related costs. With the help of this scholarship, Indian students can achieve their educational dreams and find success in their chosen fields.

At times, economic instability leads a person into bewilderment and frustration. Especially in students’ life, when economic meagerness takes a heavy toll, then repercussions turns worse. Worsening of the finances deprives a student in achieving an intending educational target. When all the doors of economic stability halts, special scholarships come into the rescue! The availability of various scholarships for meritorious students plays a pivotal role in shaping the career of a student. Siemens scholarship falls under the same belt, taking a major lead in building a prosperous career. In this blog, we will thoroughly understand Siemens Scholarship program, its process and eligibility criteria. Let’s go ahead by understanding the essence of this financial aid. 

Conducted By Siemens India
Eligibility First-year students who belong to government-based engineering schools
Region India
Rewards Financial assistance and other benefits
Last Date of Application 30th October 2022

What it Siemens Scholarship?

Siemens is a prestigious Indian engineering company solely focusing on engineering landscape. Its main work includes automation, digitization and electrification. The reputed company has launched its 7th edition of Siemens Scholarship program. The company it’s following the footsteps of Gemnan based education model of dual which lays emphasis on budding engineering students to enhance their skills in electrification, roads and development and manufacturing related process. Siemen’s vividly focuses on the sustainable career of deserving students of Engineering. It has already gone an extra mile with the impact they created in society. They endorse technical education by taking its core innovative technologies into consideration. Siemens scholarship program equally pays utmost attention to bright minds who could lead them to holistic development. 

Eligibility Criteria 

In India, only first-year students who belong to government-based engineering schools are eligible in the Siemens Scholarship program. They can apply in the below-mentioned subjects: 

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  • Electrical Engineering
  • Electronic and Instrumental 
  • Information and Technology 
  • Mechanical Production 

Important Points to Remember

  •  Your age should be up to 20 years. 
  • Your family income should not exceed more than 2 lakh rupees. 
  • For SSC minimum 60% aggregate should be there. 
  • For HSC or related results, 50% minimum and 60% minimum in PCM aggregate has to be there. 
  • JEE Mains and state CET candidates can apply also. 
  • If any student has availed any other scholarship, he or she is eligible for Siemens Scholarship also. 

Siemens Scholarship: Benefits 

  • Duration of the scholarship is up to 4 years. 
  • The Scholarship can be renewed on the basis of how the student is performing in the class. If any student scores high in the class, his Scholarship will be renewed. 
  • Your entire tuition fee will be reimbursed
  • Selected candidates will be facilitated in terms of money expenses on travel, buying of books, hostel fee, additional classes etc

Where to Apply for Siemens Scholarship

In order to apply for the Siemens scholarships students can visit this website and fill up all the required information to get their application process started. The students will have to provide personal details like name, gender, mobile number etc. Apart from this, the application will also require education details and other information. Students are requested to visit the site to know more!

Success Stories 

Students, who have graduated under this prestigious program have turned as an influencer for many in their community circle. Their story is worth inspirational for those who are looking for availing this opportunity. Previously, the program has managed to reduce employment scarcity in the relevant field. It has equally produced some wonderful students who are perfectly fit as per the current requirement of any engineering company. Apart from an exemption of tuition fee and other educational allowances,

Siemens Scholarship provides technical and functional training in the relevant field to the students. It is important to mention that the selection criteria in Siemens are hard but possible to crack. In the year 2019, until now more than 585 students from 65 government based engineering colleges have been facilitated under Siemens scholarship program. Siemens, being a reputed Engineering company has achieved a milestone within a short span of their journey. They are into:

  • Intelligent infrastructure 
  • Sustainable energy 
  • Financial services 
  • Digital enterprise 
  • Global Business Services 
  • Gas and Power
  • Small infrastructure 
  • They have Siemens healthcare too

The Siemens company are tirelessly working into a reliable power industry. Their main aim is to provide uninterrupted power supply for schools, healthcare sectors, entrepreneur units etc. Similarly, they equally prioritise holistic development, mechatronics training, financial support and building of soft skills among aspiring technologists. The organisation is endorsing science and technical education. Siemens have recently launched a project namely Jigyaasa which is being implemented in over 50 tribal-based schools in Goa, Banglore, Maharashtra and Kolkata. The project focuses on generating interest and curiosity among students towards Mathematics and Science. 

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