Sneak Peek into the Student Life and Culture at Peking University!

There is only one Beida! Beida is a term that Chinese people use for Peking University as it is the oldest and the most prestigious university in China. PKU is one of the top leading universities, internationally recognized for its incredible research and excellence across academics, sports, and cultural advancement. Peking University is home to over 40,000 students including more than 6,000 international students hailing from over 100 countries around the world. In this blog, we will discuss everything about Student Life and Culture at Peking University in the UK.


Campus Life at Peking University Business School (PHBS) UK

credits: PHBS

HSBC Business School’s Peking UK Campus is one of the world’s most active, creative, and internationalized business schools. It has been recognized by AACSB as one of the top 5% of over 16,000 business schools worldwide for its international academic quality, which includes both teaching and research.

City of Oxford

You’ll all be based in and around Oxford. Oxford City Hub is a dynamic and historically significant city center with a plethora of shops, restaurants, and services to provide the majority of your daily requirements. Bertie Place will be served by two shuttle buses every day from the UK Campus. For the most up-to-date information, please see the Internet’s shuttle bus timetable. If you want a more diversified and exciting experience, there are regular and numerous bus connections from Bertie Place to the City Centre. The academic year at PHBS-UK is divided into four teaching blocks. Except for the fourth teaching block, which includes summer assignments such as dissertation research and preparation, each teaching block lasts nine weeks, with the ninth week being assessment week.

Aims and Objectives 

The fundamental goals of the Peking University UK Campus, as part of the famous Peking University, are to establish a learning environment and to achieve excellence in teaching and research with a global perspective. Graduates contribute to the intellectual life of the UK Campus in a unique and highly appreciated way. Whether you’re taking a lecture course or performing research, as a graduate, you’ll have the chance to participate in projects and other activities that push the frontiers of knowledge and understanding in your profession and have the potential to promote well-being outside of the academy. Admission to Peking University provides all graduates with access to a worldwide community of great individuals accomplishing incredible things, allowing them to broaden and deepen their intellectual horizons.

The UK Campus has a long-standing commitment to equality, diversity, and inclusion, as well as to fostering a good culture that values variety, confronts prejudice, and promotes justice. Our most valuable assets are our employees and students, and all members of the UK Campus community should expect to be able to succeed, as well as to be recognized and cherished for their unique perspectives and contributions.

The UK Campus principles are centered on integrity, collegiality, and diversity. By these principles, the UK Campus is dedicated to creating an atmosphere in which all members of the UK Campus community treat one another with decency and respect, and where bullying, harassment, and discrimination are prohibited. Any incidence of bullying, harassment, or discrimination on the UK Campus is taken seriously, and formal complaints will be handled swiftly and respectfully, with disciplinary action taken as necessary.

Academic Support

The UK Campus is in charge of providing graduate education in the United Kingdom. If you’re taking a taught course, your course requirements will be handled by the Academic Course Manager. Academic Assistance, Student Welfare, and Experience Management will help you succeed in your studies by offering academic and pastoral support, as well as social and recreational opportunities.

The Senior Tutor

All graduate students’ academic work is overseen by the senior tutor, who collaborates with appropriate lecturers and academic supervisors. The Senior Tutor is also responsible for all graduate students’ welfare, including recommendations from lecturers and academic supervisors, communication with the Welfare Committee, and support for students who require or seek academic, financial, or other help from the UK Campus. Students with questions concerning UK Campus processes should contact the Senior Tutor first (such as extension requests, examination adjustments). Because the Senior Tutor is also the Secretary of the Academic Board, he or she may express the student body’s opinions to the Academic Board on occasion.

Academic Progress Monitoring

The UK Campus is concerned about the academic success of its students. Every term, the Head of UK Campus, Senior Tutor, Academic Course Manager, and Student Welfare and Experience Manager meet with the student body to discuss their learning requirements. Alternatively, if you have an academic issue that you’d want to discuss with a member of staff, you may email the Academic Course Manager, the Student Welfare and Experience Manager, or the Senior Tutor to set up a meeting to discuss your concerns in private.

Disabilities and Special Needs For Students 

If you have a specific learning or access need, the UK Campus is dedicated to assisting you in obtaining appropriate support, including any necessary study adaptations. The Senior Tutor serves as the academic lead for the UK Campus, while the Academic Course Manager serves as the academic coordinator. These officers can communicate with the UK Campus on your behalf to examine your requirements.

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