Study Aerospace Engineering at Cranfield University

Did you know that Cranfield University is the only European University with its own airport and runway? It is one of the best engineering postgraduate universities in the UK and a hub for innovative research in propulsion, aeronautical engineering, and intelligent automation. Famous personalities like the CEO of Aston Martin and CEO of Rolls Royce Holdings have studied engineering at the University. Aerospace Engineering is expected to grow by more than 7% by 2025, the space is aggressively hiring engineers from universities such as Cranfield University and the average salary of an aerospace engineer is ₹50.09 lakhs per year.

Find Out the Cranfield University Acceptance Rate

University  Cranfield University 
Location  Cranfield, UK
Field of study   Aerospace Engineering
Courses Aerospace Vehicle Design, Thermal Power, Aerospace and Airworthiness (check out the table below)
Type  Postgraduate- Masters, Doctorate, Certificate, Diploma
Average tuition fee £24,000 or ₹24.82 lakhs 
Popular intake September, October, and January
Duration  1 year full-time and up to 3 years part-time 

What is Aerospace Engineering?

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Aerospace means objects in the air and engineering means applying science and maths to solve a problem. Aerospace engineers are professionals who build a plane. In technical terms, the person who designs develops and tests aircraft, spacecraft and related objects are called aerospace engineers. 

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Why Study Aerospace Engineering at Cranfield University?

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Did you know: Only 5% of the world population has ever been on an aircraft!

Cranfield University in the UK, is ranked 5th by QS World Rankings for aeronautical, manufacturing and mechanical engineering. This university has been providing one of the best education in aerospace engineering along with trending technologies for 75 years now. Key reasons for such excellence in aerospace engineering education are:

  • Career: Cranfield University in Cranfield has been recognised as the 2nd best university in the UK for companies to hire graduates from. This is because of the aerospace engineering programs being industry relevant as well as academically excellent. 
  • Industry Partners: Airbus, Ford, Boeing, P&G, Pepsico are just some of the famous names amongst their long list of industry partners. 
  • Facilities: Cranfield University has its global research airport with a 1799 m long runway, its own aircraft and academic flying staff. 
  • Research: Aerospace engineering is an experimental degree. Supporting this element of research with experiment, Cranfield University has recently invested £100m in their new Digital Aviation Research and Technology Centre.

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Courses for Aerospace Engineering in Cranfield University

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One of the topmost universities in the UK for aerospace engineering, Cranfield offers several postgraduate programs like pre-masters, certificate, masters and doctorate courses. Pre-master’s in Aerospace engineering is a foundation course in engineering which is suitable in case you don’t meet the qualifications for a masters course in Cranfield University. The popular master’s courses for aerospace engineering in Cranfield University are given below:

Course  Intake 
MSc Thermal Power- Aerospace Propulsion March or October 
MSc Military Aerospace and Airworthiness  September and January 
MSc Aerospace Vehicle Design  October or March
MSc Aviation Digital Technology Management  October 
MSc Aerospace Computational Engineering  September 
MSc Aerospace Dynamics  October 
MSc Astronautics and Space Engineering  October 
MSc Aircraft Engineering  February 

Cranfield University offers these programs full-time for 1 year or part-time for up to 3 years. January intake is just around the corner and students have started filling their college applications. If there’s a lot of confusion regarding the perfect course matching your skills, you must try our AI Course Finder for free now!

Eligibility Requirements 

To study aerospace engineering at Cranfield University, as an Indian student you must have:

  • Minimum 55% in the bachelor’s degree from India in an engineering discipline. 
  • IELTS– 6.5 or TOEFL– 92 
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Minimum 2 Letters of recommendation
  • Updated CV 

These essential requirements will be a part of your application that will decide whether you are accepted or not. English test preparations are suggested to start at least one month before you send your application for any aerospace engineering course at Cranfield University. Take assistance from our IELTS experts and get your perfect score.

Application Process

International students make a common mistake of applying too close to the submission deadlines. It is suggested that the application process starts at least 5 to 6 months before you submit your application. If you are interested in applying, this is how your application process for aerospace engineering in Cranfield University should be:

  • Choose the master’s program in aerospace engineering at Cranfield University and check out its academic requirements. 
  • In case you fail to meet the requirements, apply for the pre-masters program in engineering for aerospace engineering.  
  • If you qualify for the program, you should take the English test next.
  • You can prepare your statement of purpose along with taking the test. 
  • After you have all the documents necessary in hand, you can apply through the Cranfield University portal. 
  • An admission representative might get in touch with you online for a small interview if he has some reservations about your application. 
  • If accepted, you will receive a letter of acceptance from Cranfield University. 
  • You can start your visa application process for the UK Tier 4 visa

Throughout the application process, Leverage Edu experts explain every detail and suggest corrective actions so that you can study aerospace engineering at Cranfield University. 

Cost of Studying 

The cost of studying aerospace engineering in Cranfield University is £24,000 or ₹24.82 lakhs per year for a master’s program. If you are accepted for a full-time course at Cranfield University, you have the option to apply for accommodation. 

The cost of living while pursuing aerospace engineering in Cranfield University is given below:

Type of Cost Average Expense
Accommodation  ₹50,000 per month
Food ₹10,500 per month
Utilities  ₹14,000 per month
Travel ₹6,200 per month

Your expenses per week can be approximately ₹11,580 for studying aerospace engineering in Cranfield University in the UK.

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Job Opportunities 

99% of the graduates from Cranfield University either see themselves working or continuing education. Cranfield has over 1500 industry partners which make it easier for aerospace engineers from Cranfield University to get a good job. In the UK, the average salary of an aerospace engineer is ₹50.09 lakhs per year. 

Companies in the UK that hire aerospace engineers highly are:

  • Lockheed Martin
  • Airbus
  • Northrop Grumman
  • BAE Systems
  • Rolls-Royce 
  • CACI International
  • General Dynamics
  • Boeing
  • Defence Ministry of various countries 

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[BONUS] Universities in UK for Aerospace Engineering 

Here’s a list of the top-ranked universities in UK for aerospace engineering apart from Cranfield University:-

  • Cambridge University
  • Imperial College London
  • Oxford University
  • Manchester University
  • Bristol University

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Aerospace engineering is a field that requires a sharp mind and a sense to act quickly in unforeseen circumstances. If you have the skills, we have the knack to help you. To study aerospace engineering at Cranfield University, call or Leverage Edu at 1800-572-000 and fly to your dream university soon!