Top 10 Advantages of Studying MBBS Abroad for Indian Students

Studying MBBS abroad is an attractive option for many Indian students. With the increasing demand for quality medical education, studying MBBS abroad is becoming an increasingly popular trend among Indian students. Studying MBBS abroad can be a great experience, as it can provide students with a great opportunity to learn new skills and gain valuable international exposure. Here are the top 10 advantages of studying MBBS abroad for Indian students:

MBBS stands for Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery. It is an undergraduate medical degree course which is required to complete to become a qualified doctor. MBBS is a five-year course with includes one year of internship in the field. After completion of this medical degree, aspirants can start their practice within the medical field as general surgeons or physicians etc. The increasing population, changing lifestyles, and modern-day diseases have increased the demand for medical professionals in both rural and urban areas. But the lack of seats at government colleges/hospitals with skyrocketed tuition fees charged by private medical institutions is the biggest push for Indian students to pursue MBBS abroad. Indian students prefer Germany, Russia, China, Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan to study MBBS.

Top 10 Advantages of Studying MBBS Abroad for Indian Students

Medical Science is a vast and tough field of study. It is not only a challenging career choice but a reputed one also. In India, medical professionals are high in demand. Presently, thousands of students are considering studying medicine abroad because of fewer options and cutthroat competition. Annually, approximately 20K-25K Indian students go abroad to study MBBS. 

Here are the top 10 advantages of studying MBBS from Abroad for Indian Students:

  1. Affordable Fee Structure

Compared to the skyrocketed medical course tuition fee in India, Foreign universities charges even 1/3rd to free in some countries like Germany. Financial affordability is the biggest advantage of studying MBBS from abroad.

  1. Global Working Exposure

Medical aspirants after successfully completing their MBBS program from abroad get the opportunity to work both in India and globally which ultimately increased their learning and growth.

  1. More Seats Available

Lakhs of medical aspirants but only thousands of seats in India. It is very difficult to get admission to MBBS in a good medical college even after scoring a decent score. In that case, every serious aspirant securing admission to a foreign medical university has the option to book a seat to save their precious year.

  1. No Language Barrier

Apart from their national language, foreign universities have designed their course curriculum in English keeping in mind the language constraints of international students. This is a big and important support to international students.

  1. International Faculty

Indian students studying MBBS from abroad get the opportunity to teach by a diverse pool of international faculty for different subjects.

  1. Scholarships 

Not only tuition fees are affordable but foreign universities also offer scholarships to medical students on a merit and need basis. It helps them to manage their living expenses.

  1. Paid Working Opportunity

The foreign university also offers conditional or non-conditional letters depending upon their criteria for part-time work opportunities to Indian students who want to work during their course to earn and learn and network in a foreign land.

  1. Paid Internship

Medical students after the completion of their course have to complete 6 months to one-year internship to brush up on their theoretical and practical knowledge before practising as professionals. The best part is these internships are paid in nature.

  1. Global Profile

Study abroad students’ profile change from national to global. Students get more opportunities and recognition which help them in their career growth. 

  1. Mixed Learning Environment

Studying in a foreign university offers a diversified mixed learning environment to the students which not only helps in academic productivity but also helps students to develop their personalities.

As we have discussed above that there are multiple advantages of studying MBBS abroad for Indian students. Even though most of the foreign medical universities are approved by the Medical Council of India (MCI), each student must pass the mandatory qualifying exam conducted by MCI after completion of their MBBS course to get recognition and start practising in India.