UEA’s CMP Actuarial Science Scholarship

The University of East Anglia (UEA) is proud to offer the CMP Actuarial Science Scholarship, a unique opportunity for students to gain valuable skills and experience in the field of actuarial science. This scholarship provides full tuition fees and a generous living allowance to a student who is passionate about the subject and has the potential to make a significant contribution to the profession. The successful student will have the chance to work with leading academics, industry professionals and other experts in the field, gaining valuable experience and insight into the world of actuarial science. With the support of this scholarship, the student can focus on their studies and progress towards a successful career in actuarial science.

We all know how challenging Actuarial Science is. Years of hard work, exams, degrees and certification later, you receive the title of an Actuary. And if you wish to pursue becoming an actuary in the UK, the cost of studying can also burn a hole in your pocket. To help you cover the cost of attendance, there are several top universities in the UK like the University of East Anglia that provide scholarships, bursaries and other avenues of financial aid. In this blog, we will cover the CMP Actuarial Science Scholarship at UEA that can help you stress-free in the UK!

Eligible Courses 

Before we know what benefits does the CMP Actuarial Science Scholarship offer, let’s know which courses are eligible for the same- 

  • BSc Actuarial Science
  • BSc Actuarial Science (With a Year Abroad)
  • BSc Actuarial Science (With a Year in Industry)

If you have applied for any of these at UEA for 2023 intakes, you might be eligible for the CMP Actuarial Science Scholarship. 

Apart from this, if you are a candidate that is a UK or international tuition fee-paying student, you are eligible. 

Selection Process 

The CMP Actuarial Science Scholarship is of automatic nature which means that there is no scholarship essay that will benefit you. UEA offers this scholarship to those students who have an excellent academic report. 

To win this scholarship, you must achieve AAA at your A levels including Mathematics. A level is applicable to you if you have studied from GCE in your 12th. 

Benefits of the CMP Actuarial Science Scholarship at UEA

There is no limit on the number of actuarial science undergraduate students who are awarded this scholarship. 

Whoever wins the CMP Actuarial Science Scholarship is granted GBP 6,000 or INR 5.5 lakhs in cash during the course of your study. Every year, you will receive GBP 2,000 or INR 1.5 lakhs for 3 years. 

Application Process for Actuarial Science Scholarship at UEA

Undergraduate students of Actuarial Science do not need to apply for the CMP Actuarial Science Scholarship as once they apply for the course, UEA automatically considers them for the scholarship. You will be notified whether you are awarded via email. 

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List of Scholarships to Study in UK

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