Unique & Interesting University Courses You Won’t Find in India 🎓

Most students have grown up hearing about conventional courses like MBA, Engineering, Medicine, and Sciences. But let’s not forget that we are now moving into the Gen-Z era, a generation that challenges convention and brings uniqueness to the table. From studying Comic Art, Costume Technology, Drone flying to Video editing, students can explore unconventional courses and follow their passion without a fear in the world. Here are 15 unusual and interesting university courses that you just won’t find in India. If you are a fan of the Beatles or Harry Potter, we suggest you read till the end!


Does the very mention of ghost stories ignite the bulb in you? Well, Parapsychology is the course for you! Parapsychology is the study of humans who claim to have witnessed paranormal activities. Parapsychology is an interesting university course that is extremely rare to find in India. Andhra University does offer a course but not much has been openly spoken about the research conducted. Although the progress of study in this field has been inconclusive yet, the scope is unlimited. Many universities in the UK like Edinburgh University offer degrees in Parapsychology. 

Applied Golf Management Studies 

The management behind golf- a game of confidence and strategy, is complicated. So complicated that the UK’s University of Birmingham offers a BSc in Applied Golf Management Studies. This interesting university course teaches golf enthusiasts on marketing, management, applied sports science and human resources in golf. Since it is a unique course and in collaboration with PGA (Professional Golfer’s Association), employment after the course is almost guaranteed. 

Bowling Industry Management and Technology 

Not just golf, you can learn about the fun Bowling Industry Management in one course! This two-year program is unique and only studied at Vincennes University in the USA. Although bowling looks entertaining and easy to understand, the mechanism that goes behind it is complex. So if you wish to open a Bowling Alley, this is the best course to get your education on the same.

Entertainment Engineering and Design 

Engineering and entertainment both in the same line might amuse you but this interesting university course is about to surprise you. Plays, theme parks, movies and even casinos see repeated customers due to their aesthetic appeal. Well, what looks easy to you is the days of hard work of set designers. The Entertainment Engineering and Design course offered by the University of Las Vegas in Nevada is a one-of-a-kind course. The course gives you a chance to become an expert at creating an entertainment set that the audience can’t get over.

Comic Art

Comic books are more than just pages for the fans, they are memories. What holds a lasting impact on a reader is the creative illustration supporting the story. The Comic Art course offered by the Minneapolis College of Art and Design is perfect for you if the vintage art of Comic Book still brings chills down your spine. 


This is one of the least expected yet interesting university courses. When we think of jobs like Carpentry and Blacksmithing, our opinion of technical education in the fields is very limited. However, Southern Illinois University offers a BFA (Bachelors in Fine Arts) in Blacksmithing. Clearly, blacksmithing is much more than knowing how to hit steel! 

Farrier Science 

While Hippology is the science of studying a horse, Farrier Science is a science that tells us about grooming and shoeing a horse in detail. Quite rare and unique, this interesting university course is important for racehorses as horseracing is a billion-dollar industry. You can study Farrier Science at the Mesalands Community College in the USA. Even Cornell University offers 2 minor programs in Farrier Science.

Cannabis Cultivation 

We often confuse Cannabis as an intoxicating plant. The reality is that Cannabis has a family of different plants, one of which can be called a harmful drug. Other Cannabis plants are used for medicinal purposes because of their strong healing components. Cultivation of such plants is taught in a 4-year degree offered by the Northern Michigan University to become an expert of this plant. Crazy, isn’t it!


Every business is now turning to a sustainable approach as the awareness amongst the consumers is leading to higher demands. Ecotechnology is specifically a study of green businesses and how to create one. How entrepreneurship and social, natural, engineering sciences can be merged for better planet health is taught in this interesting university course. In the USA, the Mid Sweden University offers this course that helps the youth understand green business which has been growing rapidly. 

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Energy for Smart Cities 

We know that the study of Energy has been an integral part of every university’s science department. But did you know that a few European Universities offer courses to understand energy specifically for smart cities? This course looks after education in energy consumption as well as the business part to accommodate smart cities. The universities in Europe that offer master’s in Energy for Smart Cities are- 

  • Grenoble Institute of Technology
  • KTH Royal Institute of Technology 
  • KU Leuven 
  • Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

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Contemporary Circus and Physical Performance

The circus was and still is a big part of cultural entertainment. The trapeze artist looks like a bird when she/he hangs from one corner to another but did you know that you can pursue it as a course! The Bath Spa University in UK offers this rare course that teaches you fitness, trains you in acrobalance, aerial and manipulation. A major part of it is also theoretical on the contrast. 

Sure, there are a few thousand Beatles fan clubs and another million who go mad when they hear them. But how many of us have heard of an entire course being named after them and their legendary popularity? Liverpool, home to the evergreen rock band has a university called the Liverpool Hope University that offers an MA in Beatles, Popular Music and Society. How did the Beatles rise to such a massive fanbase and how they created music that transcends through generation is taught in this interesting university course. 

Viking and Old Norse Studies 

History is a popular field of study throughout the globe and especially in Europe because of its rich history and historical evidence. University College London, one of the top universities in UK, offers a degree in Vikings and Old Norse Studies that specialises in studying the Viking Age trough Scandinavian culture and heritage. In the four-year course, the third year is spent at a university in Iceland, Denmark, Norway or Sweden.

Surviving the Coming Zombie Apocalypse

Well, somebody at Michigan State University took the zombie movies quite seriously. As a result, you can now study how humans will survive the coming Zombie Apocalypse in an interesting university course. Human survival, behaviour and preservation of civilisation is explained and learnt in this course.

Harry Potter and the Age of Illusion

Potterheads, Durham University took your years of craze and fantasy and created an interesting university course. If you are a student at Durham University (UK) pursuing Education Studies programs, you will come across the Harry Potter and the Age of Illusion course as an entire module on the series! So who’s ready to get accepted at Hogwarts aka Durham University? 

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Folks, that is all on the interesting university courses! We bet you won’t find these courses in India. Have you come across a unique course that didn’t make it to the list? Tell us in the comments! For more exciting course updates, follow Leverage Edu and sign up for our weekly newsletter!