Universities in Boston

Boston is known as the Athens of America due to its intellectual influence. Home to the first college in America (Harvard University), Boston is rightfully the educational pivot of the world. Technology, Business, Science, Medicine, Commerce or Arts – name a stream and Boston has a university for it. You can pursue your bachelor’s, master’s, MBA, and even short-term diplomas from Boston. It is surrounded by three megastar universities- Harvard, MIT, and Tufts. Universities in Boston have a vibrant international community with over 250,000 students from across the globe. Studying in Boston is a dream every student has. Boston has alone produced numerous world leaders, philanthropists, and scientists like Barack Obama and Ratan Tata.

Why Study in Boston? 

A welcoming and nurturing environment makes universities in Boston highly rated. Along with excellent academics, its co-curricular activities and vibrant community bring a large percentage of international students. 

  • Boston is also a very student-friendly city. You will find ethnic restaurants, cinemas and sports arenas for students to destress after a hard day at college.
  • Apart from education, Boston also provides different job opportunities in the fields of research, education, medicine and finance. 
  • One of the busiest airports of America, the Logan International Airport connects to major cities like New York, Chicago, Miami and San Francisco with non-stop flights. It helps international students explore the rest of America with ease. 

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Application Process for Studying in Boston

The application process for studying in universities in Boston is different from other universities. While some colleges prefer direct application, over 900 colleges and schools across the US use Common App or Coalition App as their medium of application. 

You can find your suitable university, know about their application guidelines and apply all at the same websites with the required documents. 

  • You have to first create a profile on the Common App/ Coalition App websites. 
  • Fill the common application/ coalition application
  • High school or college transcripts
  • Counselor recommendations
  • Proof of English proficiency
  • Documentation of financial support
  • Copy of passport

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Top Universities in Boston 

2 of the top 5 universities ranked by QS World Universities Ranking– USA 2021 hail from the land of Boston. Let’s know the list of top universities in Boston and their rankings in the USA.

Universities in Boston Boston Ranking QS World Universities Ranking- USA 2021
Harvard University 1 1
Massachusetts University of Technology 2 3
Boston University 3 20
Tufts University 4 36
Northeastern University 5 49
Boston College 6 55
Brandeis University 7 62
University of Massachusetts  8 90
Suffolk University 9 151-160
Simons University 10 161-170

Top Public Universities in USA

Harvard University 

Harvard is a name every student dreaming of studying in Boston, or US for that matter, has heard of. Founded in 1636, Harvard is a top Ivy League college in the US. As of 2021, Harvard’s acceptance rate is as low as 3.43%. So you have to be a really strong candidate in order to get into one of the Harvard colleges. Apart from an excellent SAT, class rank and GPA, your extracurriculars have to stand out. Their alumni circle is filled with geniuses who have made a significant change in the world. Neil Degrasse Tyson, Barack Obama, Ratan Tata, Natalie Portman, Kapil Sibal, P. Chidambaram are just a few names of the revolutionaries born in Harvard. 

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Massachusetts University of Technology

YouTube: MIT

Responsible for accelerating the American industrial revolution, MIT is not only the 2nd best university in Boston but also the best university for technology worldwide. The university’s belief in academic and practical knowledge can be read in their slogan ‘mens et manus’ meaning ‘man and hand’. Aeronautics, robotics, astronautics, brain, and cognitive sciences are amongst the top master’s courses at MIT across their 50 schools and 1 college. Your application has to be academically strong. Ones who attain high scores on GMAT, GRE, TOEFL, or IELTS become competitive candidate for MIT. Their application rate is 7% although the number of students they admit in early rounds is as low as 1050. Interestingly, MIT has produced 38 billionaires since its inception. 

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Boston University

YouTube: Boston University

Boston University is famous for its school of law, school of education and especially their school of medicine. BU’s school of medicine is the US’s first combined cancer research and teaching laboratory. BU is one of those universities in Boston that sponsors more than 90 international programs. 

High on co-curricular, there are more than 500 clubs and committees in Boston University. An education beyond academics is offered by this university. Undergraduate programs of Boston University are considered one of the best in the US alumni like Dr Martin Luther King, Julianne Moore and many others have taken BU to a prestigious level. So if you like to be involved in a holistic developing culture, then Boston University is the one for you.

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Tufts University

YouTube: University Walk Tour

Tufts University is primarily a research-based university. With a school of arts and sciences, Tufts offers over 90 undergraduate and 160 graduate programs. Tufts is classified as R1: Doctoral Universities- very high research activity. 

Shashi Tharoor and Scott Brown are a few notable alumni of Tufts University. Tufts spent $213.5 million on research in the fiscal year of 2018. So if you want to pursue a doctorate, Tufts is the best university for you in Boston. 

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Northeastern University

YouTube: University Walk Tour

Another university in Boston famous for its research programs is Northeastern University. It is home to one of the oldest and largest masters co-op programs. Co-op programs mean alternate semesters of academic learning and interning. Northeastern University students are provided with internship opportunities in small startups as well as big companies like Deloitte, United Nations, The White House and Staples. Wendy Williams, Nikesh Arora (CEO of Palo Alto Networks) and Shawn Fanning are some of their notable alumni. 

Boston College

YouTube: Boston College

Boston College has one of the best art programs amongst all the universities in Boston. Although it has been classified as an R1 Research University, it still holds onto the college tag to preserve its history of being a small liberal arts college.

Boston College’s acceptance rate of 27.2%. One of the top universities in Boston, it requires you to have a GPA of 3.96. Boston College has given the world some key leaders such as U.S Speaker of the House, U.S Secretary of State and chief executives of Fortune 500 companies. 

Cost of Living in Boston 

Living in a USA city is an expensive affair. On top of the hefty tuition fees in the universities of Boston, living in the city is not cheap. Traveling, accommodations, food, and other expenses bring your cost of living estimate to $3316 or Rs. 2.45 lakhs per month for a student. 

Category Average Expense
Tuition fee Rs. 30-50 lakhs/ year
Accommodation Rs. 2.45 lakhs/ year
Food Rs. 10-15,000/ month
Travel (monthly pass) Rs. 7000/ month
Utility (Internet and phone bills) Rs 2000-5000/ month

Classwork may not allow you to take time for a part-time job. Yet, you can control your day-to-day expenses by using local transportation, living in college dorms, and cooking your own food. 

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Top Universities for B.Sc

Boston has a lot of interesting opportunities for students who want to pursue a bachelor of science in their chosen field. Here, the B.Sc program can be either of 3 or 4 years depending upon the university and course. 

  • Harvard University
  • Massachusetts University of Technology
  • Boston University
  • Northeastern University
  • University of Massachusetts

Top Universities for M.Sc

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Management) are the most popular master’s courses in Boston. You also need to complete a minimum of 16 years of education to pursue a master’s in Boston. 

  • Massachusetts University of Technology
  • Harvard University
  • Suffolk University 
  • Northeastern University
  • Boston University

Top Universities for MBA 

Studying an MBA in Boston can extend up to 2 years. The work experience requirement for MBA courses in Boston may vary from 4-6 years but they guarantee a 100% raise from your previous salaried jobs.

  • Harvard University
  • MIT Sloan
  • Boston University
  • HULT International Business School
  • Suffolk University 

Studying in Boston will be an opportunity of a lifetime. Once you enter one of these prestigious universities, you exit with doors opening for you everywhere you go. We know that some of these universities may seem difficult to get in but we can help you improve your chances. Apply to Leverage Edu to study in universities in Boston where we make your needs the centre of your education and not the university you aim for!