USA vs Germany

The United States and Germany are two of the most powerful countries in the world. Both countries have a long history of rivalry and competition, and the two countries have clashed in many areas, including politics, economics, and military power. On the international stage, USA vs Germany is a matchup between two of the most influential nations on the planet. Both countries have made significant contributions to the world, and both countries have a deep-rooted history and culture that have shaped the world. The USA and Germany have also been at the forefront of numerous world events, and the two countries have often competed against each other in various fields. This rivalry can be seen in the sports arena, where USA vs Germany is often seen as a key matchup.

While deciding to study abroad, there are many choices that one needs to make in terms of which university to choose and which course to take. Every country has so much to offer in terms of education making the decision tougher. If we narrow the list down to two countries USA and Germany, which are at the top of the educational ladder today, the choice is still tough. But don’t worry because through this blog we take you through the comparison of the USA vs Germany – the better country to study in. 

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USA vs Germany: Top Universities

The question of USA vs Germany needs to be considered first on the aspect of the educational institutions located in these two places. Both USA and Germany are renowned for the world class educational environment that they offer to their students, they both are home to many of the top universities of the world. To give you more idea, given below is a list of top universities of both the countries which will give you more insight into their respective educational spaces.


3 Harvard University
2 Stanford University
4 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
5 University of California, Berkeley
12 Columbia University
11 University of California, Los Angeles
6 Yale University
10 University of Pennsylvania
7 Princeton University
13 Cornell University


50 Technical University of Munich
63 Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich
64 Heidelberg University
117 Humboldt University of Berlin
130 Freie Universität Berlin
131 Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
145 RWTH Aachen University
148 Berlin Institute of Technology
173 Dresden University of Technology
175 Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen

From this list, it is quite clear that even though both Germany and the USA have Universities at the top, the USA definitely has the upper hand as 10 of the USA universities are amongst the top universities of the world. In this aspect, we can say that the USA is a good choice in terms of universities in the USA vs Germany.

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Tuition fees and Cost of Living

Another important thing that you need to consider while deciding where to study between USA vs Germany, is the cost involved. So, let’s consider the question of USA v/s Germany from this angle now.


  • The cost of studying in USA is inclusive of the tuition fees and the average monthly expenses.
  • Tuition Fees/Year: NR 51,485-40,45,277 ($700-$55,000) Depending on the institution and course that you have chosen.
  • Average Monthly Expenses: INR 62,519 ($850)


  • The cost of studying in Germany in inclusive of tuition fees and the average monthly expenses.
  • Tuition Fees/Year: You can study for free at Public Universities in Germany if you meet the eligibility requirements. Private universities : INR 23,40,702 – 36,01,080 (26,000 EUR- 40,000 EUR).
  • Average Monthly Expenses: INR 73,723 (€ 819)

From this it’s clear that the living expenses i.e, rent, food, travel, etc. in both the USA and Germany are somewhat similar. The main difference comes in with the fact that you can study in Germany for free if you get into the right institution. So, the Public Universities of Germany make it a more desirable study abroad location in terms of living expenses.

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When it comes to language, both the USA and Germany have their pros and cons when we compare them in our analysis of USA vs Germany. So to choose between the USA and Germany, let’s consider this point. 

  1. As a foreign student, studying in the USA would be easier as the language which is used there is English, with which most of us are familiar. So, there won’t be a communication barrier. But in Germany, you can struggle in case you have no knowledge of German.
  2. Even though the problem of language will be there as not many of us know German, it will not be an issue in acquiring education as many courses are offered in English to international students in Germany.
  3. In the USA you will have the opportunity to improve your English, but in Germany you will get the opportunity to learn a completely new language. 

So, on the level of language, which country would be a better study destination for you will depend entirely on your priorities. If you wish to learn German, and are willing to take that challenge then Germany would be the ideal location for you otherwise the USA would be the best option. 

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Cultural Exposure

No matter which country you choose between deciding in the analysis of  USA vs Germany, you will get exposure to a culturally diverse environment, where you can learn and grow. But there are some points which give Germany an upper hand, they are mentioned below to help you decide the question of USA vs Germany. 

  1. When it comes to Germany, the most important thing to consider is its location at the center of Europe, from where you can easily access other countries. And what adds to this fact is that with a German student visa, you can visit 26 other neighboring countries. 
  2. The USA lacks good public transportation unlike Germany where every place is closely connected through the transportation system. So, in case you wish to explore, it will be easier for you to do so in Germany than in the USA.

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Scholarships are very significant when you are planning to study abroad as they help in lessening your financial burden. So, let’s see what Germany and the USA offer in terms of Scholarships to its International Students. This will also help us in deciding the question of USA vs Germany as finances are an important part of education.

USA Germany
Stanford Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowships for Indian students Friedrich Ebert Foundation: Scholarship for International Doctoral Students
Yale University Fox International Fellowships Working Internships in Science and Engineering (WISE)
East-West Center Graduate Degree Fellowship Bayer Science & Education Foundation: Otto Bayer Scholarships
Tata Scholarships at Cornell Semester Scholarships for Students of Indian Institutes of Management (IIM)
Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowships Program Practical Traineeships for Foreign Students of Natural and Technical Sciences, Agriculture and Forestry (IAESTE)
Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation scholarships Friedrich Ebert Foundation: Scholarship for International Students 
Fulbright-Nehru Research Fellowships IIT Master Sandwich Scholarships
Asian Women in Business Scholarship Fund Development-Related Postgraduate Courses (EPOS)

So, in terms of Scholarships, both the USA and Germany provide a lot of opportunities to its International Students. So, no matter which country you choose, you will receive financial assistance to pursue your higher education. 

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Job Opportunities

Both the USA and Germany are countries where you will enter a world full of job opportunities once you enter the professional world. But if you wish to do a comparison of USA vs Germany, then the USA is better in this aspect. It is mainly because the USA has a higher average payscale as compared to Germany and therefore better living conditions. Also, the tax rate is higher in Germany than the USA. And therefore if you consider the monetary aspect, settling in USA after your studies would be more beneficial. 

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With this it is clear that both the USA and Germany are unique in their way and each come with their own benefits and drawbacks. The decision comes to what your preference is and what are the aspects in which you do not wish to compromise. So, therefore the whole question of US vs Germany can be answered by using all these aspects that we have introduced in this blog. So go through it and decide for yourself which country satisfies all your requirements. In case you need further help on this front, contact us at Leverage Edu. Our experts are always there to help you out. Sign up for a free session now.