Value of Part-Time Jobs While Studying Abroad

Pursuing higher education in a foreign country is a life-changing experience. It fills you up with the spirit of independence and a sense to manage your own expenses at an early age. In return for quality education, you have to pay a heavy sum as the cost of studying and living in a new country. A perfect way to manage your monthly expenses is by taking up a part-time job while studying abroad. For all the candidates who are looking forward to flying across to their study destinations, this blog will bring you some unique ideas through which you can earn some extra money. 

How to get Part Time Jobs While Studying Abroad?

Owing to the hardships that are faced by students for pursuing their dream course in international universities, many universities of prominent study destinations like USA, UK, New Zealand, Ireland, Canada, Australia, etc have officially allowed students to work for certain hours along with their classes. On average students are allowed to work for 20 hours per week during the entire academic year and 40 hours per week during the vacations. 

Note: Candidates must note that the number of working hours per week and per academic year mentioned above is subject to change as per your study destination.

Advantages of Pursuing Part Time Jobs While Studying Abroad

Apart from enabling one to manage their own dues, pursuing part-time jobs while studying abroad helps one with the overall development. Let us quickly go through some advantages of working part-time while studying-

  • Working part-time help an individual attain holistic development 
  • Through part-time jobs, you can gain hands-on learning experience at an early age that may prove as an asset in future 
  • you can create your own web of the network leading to better career opportunities for the coming years
  • Equates one with leadership skills, teamwork abilities along with a spirit of cooperation 
  • By the money earned, you can clear your student loan, if any

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Places to Work While Studying 

Finding the light part-time jobs while studying abroad is not a piece of cake. It is necessary for one to devote ample time in their studies and then look out for options like these. One of the most important factors while searching for a job is that it must align with your academic schedule or daily time table. Here are some of the common options where you can look out for part time jobs- 

Universities and Colleges 

Finding a perfect job at your own university or college campus is no less than a blessing! It will cut out your extra travelling time and will also allow you to spend some extra time at the institution. You can get in touch with your placement cell to seek help. 

Restaurants, Bars and Shopping Marts 

Majority of the students opt for these types of part time jobs while studying abroad. Working at restaurants and cafes provide one with the flexibility to alter and manage their schedule as per their academic deadlines. 

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Apart from these common options, students also tend to pursue jobs at call centres, customer-related service centres, volunteer work, summer jobs, internships, etc. 

Hope this blog explained the value of part time jobs while studying abroad! Let us know your views in the comment section below. Are you worried about managing your tuition fee for overseas education? Reach out to our experts at Leverage Edu as they will guide you in finding the best-fit university and course as per your budget.