Vidya Samunnathi Scholarship: An Essential Guide

Vidya Samunnathi Scholarship is an essential guide for students in India who are looking for financial assistance for their education. This scholarship is designed to help students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds to pursue their educational goals. The scholarship provides financial assistance to cover tuition fees, book costs, examination fees, and other related expenses. It is a great way for students to access educational resources. This guide will provide an overview of the scholarship, eligibility criteria, application process, and more.

The Kerala State Welfare Corporation for Forward Communities (KSWCFC), also known as Samunnathi, is a Government of Kerala undertaking which is tasked with promoting the growth and development of financially-stricken (deprived) families within the forward communities of Kerala. Incorporating a multidimensional approach, the corporation not only aims at enhancing the level of education but also provides support to improve the living conditions of economically backward people of the community. The KSWCFC also runs various training programs on skill and personality development and entrepreneurship. Thus, recognizing the need for the overall development of financially backward communities within Kerala, the corporation started the Vidya Samunnathi Scholarship(VSS) in the year 2013. In this blog, we will discuss the important details pertaining to this prestigious scholarship program. 

Coaching Assistance Program

Operated under the Vidya Samunnathi Educational Schemes, the scholarship program is also accompanied by a Coaching Assistance scheme that aims at providing financial assistance to students preparing for national and state-level competitive exams like UPSC, PSC, Bank, Medical, and Engineering exams. The benefit amount varies on the type of exam and at what level it is being taken. The following table summarises all the necessary details:

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Eligibility Exams Applied For Amount of Scholarship No. of Scholarships Available
Current or Past 2 years Higher Secondary Students Medical, Engineering Coaching INR 10,000 840
Relevant Eligibility Criteria Bank, UPSC, PSC INR 6,000 7,000
Relevant Eligibility Criteria UPSC (Civil Service Exams) INR 15,000 (Preliminary)INR 25,000 (Mains)INR 30,000 (Interview)

Note: In addition to fulfilling the eligibility criteria related to the origin and family income, prospective applicants should also not have applied for assistance in the previous year.

In addition to this scheme, the state of Kerala also offers DMS Scholarship, Prathibha Scholarship, and DCE Scholarship to foster awareness towards education in students and families.

Vidya Samunnathi Scholarship: Eligibility

The scholarship scheme is operated under certain eligibility criteria which help in providing necessary assistance to those who are in genuine need. The Vidya Samunnathi Scholarship provides assistance solely based on the financial conditions of the students who want to pursue higher education. The following table delineates the exact minimum criteria for eligibility practised: (More information can be found on this website)

Origin Must be a resident of the state of Kerala and should belong to the non-reserved forward community.
Family Income Under 2 lakhs from all sources.

Eligible Courses

High SchoolHigher Secondary Level EducationGraduation (Non-Professional)Diploma or Certificate ProgramsPost Graduation (Non-Professional)Graduation (Professional)Post-Graduation (Professional)Professional Qualifications (CA, ICWA, CS)National Institute (IITs, NITs, etc)

Vidya Samunnathi Scholarship: Benefits

The financial aid provided under the Vidya Samunnathi Scholarship depends on the level of the course pursued (bachelor’s or master’s) and the nature of the program (professional or non-professional). Since the number of scholarships available is limited, the interested candidates should apply in a time-bound manner with all the necessary documents. The benefits given to the specific course level has been tabulated below:

Level of Education Amount of Scholarship (per annum) No. of Scholarships Available
High School INR 2,000 20,000
Higher Secondary Level INR 3,000 14,000
Graduation (Non-Professional) INR 5,000 3500
Diploma/Certificate INR 6,000 1,000
Post Graduation (Non-Professional) INR 6,000 1,667
Graduation (Professional) INR 7,000 2,500
Post-Graduation (Professional) INR 8,000 1,250
Professional Qualifications (CA/ICWA/CS) INR 10,000 100
National Institute (IITs, NITs, etc) INR 50,000 120

Note: Prospective applicants must have an active bank account in any recognized bank.

Vidya Samunnathi Scholarship: Application Procedure

As prescribed by the KSWCFC, the application process of the Vidya Samunnathi Scholarship program has to be completed online at in the relevant application cycle. Students are advised to visit the site frequently in order to stay updated with the application dates. 

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Thus, a program like the Vidya Samunnathi Scholarship plays a pivotal role in supporting the educational needs of economically backward individuals. If you are planning to apply for any of the above-mentioned scholarships but have some queries or apprehensions, you can contact us at Leverage Edu and get all your doubts cleared by our expert mentors and counsellors. Call us immediately at 1800 57 2000 for a free 30-minute counselling session.