What Courses To Take To Become A Real Estate Agent

What Courses To Take To Become A Real Estate Agent

What Courses To Take To Become A Real Estate Agent – As we enter a new year full of possibilities, are you considering a new start in your career?

Perhaps you are considering a mid-career switch to a more fulfilling path or want to acquire new skills that align with the demands of today’s evolving Singapore job market.

What Courses To Take To Become A Real Estate Agent

What Courses To Take To Become A Real Estate Agent

Based on data from the Ministry of Manpower released in December 2023, the jobs most in demand are in the following fields:

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As a SkillsFuture-designated Continuing Education Training Center (CETC) in Singapore, @ASK Training is here to help you gain the essential knowledge and skills you need for a successful mid-career transition in 2024!

Before going into detail, what are some clear signs that it’s time for you to switch career paths?

This is a question many people face, and understanding the signs that indicate the need for a career switch is crucial.

If you often feel bored or uninspired by your work, and have difficulty finding joy in what you do, it could mean your passion for your job is waning. Satisfying work is work that you enjoy and that keeps you interested.

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If your job feels like it’s not going anywhere, and you don’t see opportunities to learn new things or get promoted, it may be a sign to look for a new career path. Finding ways to thrive is essential to a happy work life.

If you feel extremely tired and stressed, even after trying to feel better, it may be because your current job is putting too much pressure on you. This could be a clue that change is needed for your well-being.

Keeping up to date with technology and industry trends is essential for career growth. For example, fields such as AI, digital marketing, and IT continue to develop, offering opportunities for those willing to adapt and learn new skills.

What Courses To Take To Become A Real Estate Agent

Assessing the financial aspects of your career is very important. If you’re having trouble achieving your financial goals or feel undervalued when it comes to compensation, it may be worth considering switching to a career path that offers stability and better financial rewards.

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For example, the average annual salary of a Data Analyst is $76,331 in Singapore. The average salary for a Digital Marketer is $50,894 per year.

Recognizing these signs can help you decide whether it’s the right time to think about a new direction in your career. This brings us to the next important question.

Embarking on a career change can be both exciting and challenging, but with careful planning and the right mindset, it is very possible!

Start by thinking about what you like at work. What aspects of your current job do you enjoy, and what are you looking for in a new career?

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If you’re having trouble knowing your next steps, try taking a personalized CareersFinder quiz to get recommendations on upskilling.

Investigate industries and roles that interest you. Attend workshops, webinars, or networking events to gain insight into your desired field.

WSG also provides a list of career fairs and workshops you can attend to get a better perspective on which career switch you’re interested in.

What Courses To Take To Become A Real Estate Agent

Identify the skills needed in your target career. Assess your current skills and identify gaps that need to be filled. This is an important step in planning your transition.

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Consider gaining a new qualification or certification to enhance your skills through many government initiatives such as the SkillsFuture Career Transition Program (SCTP).

Example: John, an experienced traditional marketer in his 50s, decided to switch to digital marketing midway through his career. He took a digital marketing course through @ASK Training subsidized by SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) to learn online strategy, SEO and social media marketing. This additional training equipped him with the skills necessary to navigate the digital landscape.

John enrolled in @ASK Training’s Digital Marketing Skills Future Career Transition Program (SCTP) where he engaged in hands-on learning activities, case studies, and practical exercises. After graduating, John was placed in a marketing-related job position with one of @ASK Training’s industry partners.

Network with people in the industry, update your resume, and start applying for jobs. Don’t be discouraged if things don’t happen right away. Keep trying, and you’ll get there!

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Learning new skills is a never-ending journey. However, acquiring new skills that suit the current job market in Singapore and around the world can also be financially challenging.

Find out how financial aid schemes and government grants can support your transition by easing the financial burden of acquiring new skills and qualifications.

If you are a Singaporean looking to upskill or switch careers, here are various training schemes and government grants to help and support you on your journey:

What Courses To Take To Become A Real Estate Agent

The SkillsFuture Enhanced Mid-Career Subsidy Initiative is a program that aims to support mid-career individuals in Singapore by providing increased financial assistance for skills enhancement and training courses.

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This initiative recognizes the unique challenges individuals face mid-career and seeks to make educational opportunities more accessible.

In a recent announcement made in Budget 2024, which starts from Academic Year 2025, MCES will be expanded to cover Singaporeans enrolled in other publicly funded full-time diplomas at Polytechnics, ITEs and Arts Institutions. Working in real estate offers incredible opportunities for people with imagination, good interpersonal skills, and the capacity to work on weekends.

To join the real estate industry, you need a professional qualification issued by the state or territory where you live. One of the most efficient ways to obtain such qualifications is to enroll in an online real estate course.

By studying real estate courses online, you can learn skills at your own pace and in your own space. At Entry Education, most of our students can complete their chosen course and gain a professional qualification in a matter of weeks. All they need to study with us is a computer, internet access, and a comfortable place to study.

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It is important to study at a Registered Training Organization (RTO) so that you complete government-approved courses and are legally qualified to work in the real estate industry. You can check whether the organization you are studying with is an RTO by searching for it on this government website.

Before signing up for an online real estate course, think about your personal career ambitions. What field of real estate would you like to work in? The scope is wide. Property management, buyer advocacy, real estate sales, management and auctions are just a few. We all know someone who studied a course that didn’t align with their long-term career goals. Don’t be that person. Take your time and find a course that suits your desired career.

Online courses are available that are tailored to the licensing and registration requirements of some states and territories. At Entry Education, we are a one-stop shop where you can find most of them.

What Courses To Take To Become A Real Estate Agent

There’s registration as an assistant agent in New South Wales, a licensed real estate agent in Victoria, or an auctioneer’s license in Queensland – or anything in between.

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We have face-to-face learning options at Entry Education, and our students work through the Webex platform in real-time with a tutor. They ask questions and learn, not only from their tutors, but also from their classmates.

It’s great to offer this option to students. This allows them to choose the learning style that best suits their circumstances.

Entry Education offers a variety of real estate courses in Sydney that will qualify you to work in NSW real estate.

At the entry level, there is an Agent Assistant Certificate course that requires completion of five units of study. This will allow you to work under a licensed NSW real estate agent in the areas of property sales, property marketing, property management and more.

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From there you can progress to the Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice course (CPP41419) leading to a Class 2 real estate license. This course requires the completion of 18 units of study. As a Class 2 real estate licensee, you will be authorized to buy and sell residential and commercial properties, as well as manage landlord companies and rental properties. However, you will not be able to open or manage your own agency.

If being your own boss is the goal, you should complete the Diploma in Property – Agency Management (CPP51122) course. To register, you must have a NSW Class 2 real estate license. Then, by obtaining the Diploma in Property – Agency Management (CPP51119), you will qualify for a NSW Class 1 real estate license, which is required to own and operate a real estate agency.

If you’ve ever dreamed of becoming a real estate auctioneer, there’s a perfect course for that too. The Auction Accreditation course includes three units of study taken from the Certificate IV Real Estate Practice course (CPP41419). To apply, you must have a NSW real estate license or have completed 15 of the 18 units of study for course CPP41419.

What Courses To Take To Become A Real Estate Agent

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