What is the Coalition App?

The Coalition Application is a college application portal that is accepted by over 100 colleges and universities. In 2016, the Coalition Application was launched with the purpose of making the college application process easier for students from underrepresented groups. Students from all backgrounds, however, can apply to a participating institution using the Coalition Application. Coalition provides a resource library as well as capabilities for saving papers and working with others, in addition to allowing students to submit applications. This blog is your source of information about the Coalition App!

Who Should Use This Application?

Because of the Coalition’s emphasis on college access and affordability, many students believe that the application is only for students from underrepresented groups or who are experiencing financial challenges. While the Coalition Application strives to provide more assistance for these groups than the Common Application, all college applicants are welcome to apply. Only the Coalition Application is accepted by a few schools. Using the Coalition Application is, in general, a question of personal preference. Choose the Coalition Application if you believe the Locker and Collaboration Space will assist you in putting together a winning application, or if you believe the collaborative approach to essay writing will benefit you.

Key Features

Students who use the Coalition Application should take advantage of Coalition, a suite of tools that assists students in preparing their college applications. Students can begin filling the Coalition workspace with college admissions-related items as early as 9th grade, including grades, essays, projects, artwork, activities, and accomplishments.

Primary Features

  • Locker: This tool keeps a record of materials that may be relevant during the college application process. Students can use the Locker to store essays, research projects, artwork, films, and photographs. Students can choose whatever materials in the Locker they want to share with colleges throughout the application process.
  • Coalition Counselor: It is an online resource library that can assist students with the application process. Although a live connection with a counsellor is not available, students can access the resource library for expert help on topics such as financing for college, managing the SAT and ACT, and composing application essays.
  • Coalition Application: Students use the Coalition Application to consolidate all of the materials they’ve collected on Coalition during high school and to submit their college applications.
  • Collaborative Space: Students can invite friends, family members, professors, and counsellors to provide input on application materials in the Collaboration Space. This feature comes in handy when refining your application essay and fine-tuning your list of extracurricular activities to make them stand out.

Pros and Cons of Coalition App


  • Locker: It helps you organize your time and material. As soon as they reach high school, students can use the Locker function to upload grades, awards, and extracurriculars. As a result, as students move through high school, they can send their application papers to Coalition. When it comes to senior year, having all of this material recorded before you start putting together your application in earnest will save you time and work. You can also store documents in the Locker throughout your high school career, so you can conveniently keep track of your best writing samples, college essay drafts, grades, and extracurricular activity paperwork.
  • Multimedia Uploads: Multimedia uploads in Coalition App allow you to be more creative with your apps. The ability to upload and save multimedia, such as photographs, video, music, spreadsheets, and presentations, is another useful feature of the Coalition Locker. Multimedia uploads are permitted at some Coalition App-accepting schools. This feature is ideal for students who have artistic backgrounds or interests, as well as students who wish to show a facet of their personality and individuality that cannot be represented solely through essays and grades.
  • Counselling and Guidance: Students can use the Coalition App to interact and engage with mentors, such as instructors, guidance counsellors, or even classmates, directly through the application site. This is an extremely useful tool that allows you to quickly receive confidential feedback on your work.


  • The Coalition Application is only accepted by a few schools: In the larger scheme of things, the Coalition App is accepted by a limited number of schools. However, because the Coalition App is accepted by a large number of major universities and colleges across the United States, there’s a good chance that all or most of the schools you want to apply to will be included.

Application Essay

Many member schools need the essay; however, some member schools allow students to submit an essay written for class rather than the formal application essay. Students can choose from five essay prompts if they choose to or are forced to complete the Coalition Application essay. The prompts are broad and span a wide range of themes, allowing applicants to focus on whichever issue is most important to them. Prompts include:

  1. Tell a tale from your life about an experience that either illustrates or contributed to forming your character.
  2. Describe a period when you made a significant contribution to others while focusing on the larger good. Discuss the difficulties and benefits of contributing.
  3. Have you ever had a long-held or widely held notion called into question? What was your reaction? What impact did the challenge have on your beliefs?
  4. What is the most difficult aspect of being a teenager right now? What is the most enjoyable aspect? What suggestions would you make to a younger sibling or friend?
  5. Submit an essay on any subject you want.

Cost of the Coalition App

The Locker, Collaborative Space, Coalition Counselor, and Coalition Application are all free to use. The Coalition’s tools and support are free to all students, regardless of their financial situation.

This does not, however, imply that applying to institutions will be free. Students must pay an application fee for each institution to which they are applying through the Coalition Application. However, students who have served in the military or come from low-income families may be eligible for a fee waiver. Fee waivers are instantly provided to students who match one of the following four criteria:

  1. At school, they receive free or reduced-cost lunches.
  2. Participates in a TRIO programme run by the federal government.
  3. ACT, College Board, or NACAC fee waivers are available.
  4. Is a U.S. Armed Forces veteran or active member?

Low-income students can get application cost waivers even if they don’t utilize the Coalition Application, but the Coalition Application makes the process especially quick and straightforward for all member schools.

Colleges and Universities Accepting the App

To become a member of the Coalition, a school must achieve three criteria:

  • Access: Coalition members must be welcoming to students from all walks of life, and each institution must have a track record of engaging students from underserved communities.
  • Affordability: Member institutions must have a history of graduating students with minimum debt, offer reasonable in-state tuition, and/or satisfy the entire demonstrated financial need of applicants.
  • Success: The Coalition’s members must have a graduation rate of at least 50% for students from underserved and low-income communities.

According to these few universities/colleges accepting this app are:

Arizona State University Columbia University Amherst College
Georgia Tech Stanford University Bowdoin College
The Ohio State University University of Chicago Rollins College
University of Florida American University Kenyon College

How will you Benefit from Leverage Edu while applying through the Coalition app?

Leverage Edu assists students in determining what they should do and where they should be in order to reach their maximum potential, regardless of where they are in the world. It guides students through their path thus far, connects them with individualized mentors, advises them on how to pursue their higher education aspirations via an employability lens, and ensures that everyone pulls their weight to make dreams come true and genuinely be able to level up. With the help and guidance from various tutors and counsellors, your application journey will be as smooth as butter.

While the Coalition App is far from flawless, it is progressively establishing itself as a viable alternative to the Common Application. The Coalition platform may be better for students who wish to showcase creative work or get a head start on their applications because it allows them to access it starting in 9th grade, provides multimedia capabilities, and has unique organising tools. Another very useful tool is the Leverage Edu website where you can contact counsellors and make your study abroad dream a reality!