Yuto Nagatomo – The Japanese Football Player with a degree in Political Economy

Yuto Nagatomo is a professional Japanese football player who has made quite a name for himself in the global football scene. He currently plays for Italian Serie A side Inter Milan, signing for them in 2011. He is a versatile defender, known for his speed, agility and attacking prowess. He is also highly educated, having earned a degree in Political Economy from Meiji University in 2010. Nagatomo has been a regular member of the Japanese national football team since 2010, and has been a key player in their recent success. He is an inspirational figure for both Japanese football fans and players alike, and his success is an embodiment of his hard work and dedication.

The FIFA World Cup 2022 is underway with Germany and Japan national football teams reining in on their strengths and preparing for their match on the 4th day of the football world cup. Amongst the most skilled players in these teams, there’s Yuto Nagatomo, from the Japanese football team, who not only leaves his mark on-pitch but has also left his presence in the academic domain of his country. How? Well, for starters, did you know that the man has earned a degree in Political Economy from Meiji University, where he graduated in 2007? He has studied the interlinking of the political and economic systems, along with mastering the art of playing football. Regarded as one of the most complex subjects, he has not only studied economics but also authored two books on the subject – modern economics. Truly the ace of both worlds. 

To expand on the man’s academic background, first let’s catch a glimpse of his person in this short overview below. 

Yuto Nagatomo: Profile 

Image Source: jleague.co
Name  Yuto Nagatomo
Age  36
Nationality  Japanese 
Football Position  Full-back 
Alma mater Higashi Fukuoka High School and Meiji University

Although he’s now a professional football player, who was the first choice within the Japanese national football team, he was once also a student, navigating his way throughout the duration of the degree course in economics. 

Yuto Nagatomo: Meiji University

Located in the big city of Tokyo, Meiji University is a research university that’s also one of the most prestigious and oldest institutions of higher education in Japan. Yuto Nagatomo got admitted to this university in the 2000s when later graduated in 2007 and also joined the world of professional football. To know more about the university Yuto Nagatomo graduated from, we have tabulated the basic details of the institution below. 

Meiji University
Image Source: meiji.ac.jp
Name of University  Meiji University
Established in  1881
Notable Alumni 2 Japanese prime ministers, 48 national politicians, 115 company presidents, and 380 professional athletes.
Average Fees  JPY 10,20,000 lakh (INR 6 lakh)
QS World Ranking 2023 #1201-1400

As someone who played with the university football team in 2005 and went on to become the part of the national football team, where he was then named as the Asian Footballer of the Year in 2013, there are some frequently asked questions about the man. We have made a list of some of them below. 

That was a quick know-who about Yuto Nagatomo, the Japanese football player with a degree in political economy. What did you think? Are you a fan of the footballer? Was that enough to impress? If you wish to know more about the universities in Japan and wish to plan a future ahead studying abroad, you can always take the consultancy of our Leverage Edu experts. Call us immediately at 1800 57 2000 for a free 30-minute counselling session.